Friday, July 19, 2013

Rainy Day Crafts For Kids

Summer is a time filled with plenty of fun outdoor activities but when the weather turns gloomy, you need to have a few ideas stashed up your sleeve to keep your kids busy.

That is why you may want to keep this list of rainy day crafts handy.....just in case you find yourself in a pinch!

And.....if you find yourself at a loss for craft supplies, make sure to check out my post filled with recycled craft ideas..  Most likely you will have all the supplies needed right in your recycle bin!

Here are a few more ideas that might even get your kids wishing for a rainy day!

This one by Rebecca's DIY really caught my eye because I love all things rustic:

The little heads are made from Creative Paper Clay which you can get at craft stores.  It is a clay that air dries and does not require baking.  This craft is perfect for kids of all ages and they can spend a lot of time crafting their special pieces.

Melissa and Doug came up with an awesome rainy day idea making paper beads:

Not only is the bead making fun, but crafting them into chains, bracelets and necklaces is equally as enjoyable.

Here is an action packed activity by Cooking For My Kids:

Balloon Ping Pong!  Let your kids create their own paddles with paper plates and popsicle sticks.  They might want to choose their own color or color a plain white plate in their own style.  

Still need more ideas?

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Happy Crafting!


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