Thursday, October 18, 2012

Puppet Crafts

One of the most popular craft ideas for kids is the making of a puppet!  Let your child choose from one of these fun puppet crafts to create and then have hours of endless play time with their new puppet buddies.
Whether they make just one or several, they will have fun chatting with their new, not so imaginary, friends.

You can also get a group of kids together to create their own unique puppet friends and then stage a puppet show.  This may be fun to do at a kids party or other event for good group interaction.

I have chosen a wide variety of puppet crafts, including finger puppets and kits, for you to pick from.  All of the crafts will have easy to follow instructions.  Just click on the photos to get to the full tutorials.

1.  Frog Puppet by Pebbles In My Pocket.

This cute frog actually has a retractable tongue!  You can buy an affordable kit for this puppet with everything included except for the bright red paint for the tongue.

2.  Hand Puppet by Baby CCino Kids.

These adorable hand puppets are made from primarily from colorful construction paper.  I just love all of the individualized personalities that can be created.

3.  Pooh and Friends Puppets by Disney Family.

I am a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh so I just had to add this one!  Disney Family provides a character template that you can print to trace the character's faces.

4.  Monster Madness Glove Puppet by All Kids Network.

Your child can have their own puppet show on just one hand with this fun craft!  They can create silly monsters using scrap materials.  

5.  Sock Puppet by Danielle's Place.

A solution for those lonely socks that come out of the dryer without their mate!  Not only can you recycle those single socks but these puppets are just plain adorable and sure to be a hit.

6.  Fantasy Stick Puppets by Crafts n Coffee.

Styrofoam balls plus dowel plus craft foam equals adorable!  The fact that these puppets are on sticks makes them a little easier to maneuver behind a stage if you are wanting to do a puppet show.

7.  Tiger Finger Puppet by Kaboose.

Finger puppets like this are quick and easy to create with felt and other embellishments.

Happy Crafting!


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