Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bird Crafts For Kids

If you are looking to make a bird with your kids, then you have come to the right place!  Today's theme is all about birds and it is full of cute and colorful ideas.

I happen to love birds and had a lot of fun coming up with this collection.  All of the following crafts have easy to follow instructions that can be found by simply clicking on the links.

Here are some of the best bird crafts for kids:

1.  Colorful Foam Wise Owl by Kids Crafts Made Easy:

This colorful owl is easy to make with geometric shaped foam piece, a backing board, scissors and some glue.

2.  Paper Plate Chick by Roots and Wings Co.:

 For Easter or any time a little chick is called for, this craft using paper plates is quick and easy to complete.

3.  Curly Birds by Spoonful:

These curly birds made from colorful construction paper strips will be fun to make and play with.  They are so whimsical and cute!

4.  Recycled CD Bird Craft by Activity Village:

I love craft projects that use recycled materials and the body of this bird is made from an old CD.  Not only is this environmentally friendly but it is very budget friendly as well.

5.  Birds Of A Feather Craft by Crayola:

Here is another project that uses recycled materials plus some craft feathers, cotton balls, paint and chenille sticks.

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