Monday, April 8, 2013

Button Crafts For Kids

Start saving all of your old buttons for these awesome button crafts for kids!  I have actually found mason jars full of them at thrift shops and antique stores for next to nothing in price.

Even if you have old shirts that are too worn to give away, you can at least take off all of the buttons and save them for a rainy day.

Once you see all of these fun craft ideas that you can do, you will know what I am talking about and want to start saving up!

Here are some of my favorite button crafts that kids will especially enjoy:

1.  Fall Tree by Meet The Dubiens

I love this Fall tree that not only uses colorful buttons, in all sizes, but all uses a real tree branch to create the colorful tree.  Kids will love making a work of art like this that they can hang proudly on the wall.

2.  Button Clock by Lil Sugar

For this craft, you just need to buy a clock kit from the craft store, an embroidery hoop, 12 buttons and some burlap.  You would have to poke a hole through the burlap for the clock mechanism and follow the manufacturers instructions for the set up. The colorful buttons make such a cute substitution for the numbers!

3.  Button Rings by Examiner

I don't know what little girl wouldn't enjoy making and wearing a fun and colorful button ring.  The only problem would be running out of enough fingers to wear all of these creations!

4.  Button Monogram by Baby Lifestyles

Most kids like to personalize their bedrooms in some way.  A decorative monogram for their wall or door is a perfect way to add some personal style.  Buttons help to create unique texture and a variety of colors that give the monogram a super cool look.

5.  Button Bugs by Family Education

Finally, button bugs are going to be a super fun button craft for kids to work on.  They can create all kinds of  different shapes, sizes and colors to keep it interesting!

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