Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pine Cone Christmas Crafts

There are so many fun things to make for the holidays with just some simple pine cones.  Use pine cones from your own collection or purchase bags from the craft store to create one or more of these festive Christmas decorations.

All of these pine cone Christmas crafts are easy for kids to complete.  Just click on the links for the full step by step instructions.

1.  Pine Cone Reindeer by All Free Christmas Crafts:

All you need for these cute little reindeer are some pipe cleaners, googly eyes, pine cones and of course some red pom poms for those noses!

2.  Pine Cone Carolers by Spoonful:

I love how these carolers are made almost entirely from nature.  Just add a little paint and some construction paper and you have a fun project that is practically free.

3.  Pine Cone Elves by Belladia:

These elf ornaments are so adorable and are made from mini pine cones from a potpourri bag!  The wooden bead heads and pipe cleaner limbs are colorfully decorated with felt which is easy to cut and glue.

4.  Pine Cone Snowman by Family Crafts:

A collection of pine cone Christmas crafts wouldn't be complete without a lovable snowman!

5.  Pine Cone Angel by The Crafty Arty Kid:

These angels would look perfect hanging from a window or as an ornament on the Christmas tree.

6.  Pine Cone Christmas Trees by Starr Kissed:

And, speaking of Christmas trees, kids can make and decorate their very own trees with large pine cones.

Since many of these crafts require some of the same supplies such as pipe cleaners, beads, pom-poms and paint, you could spend an afternoon making several of these projects without spending a lot of money.