Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Crafts For Kids

Spring is just around the corner and with that is, of course, the upcoming holiday of Easter.  This can be another favorite for kids to make decorations for.  Besides the obvious decorating of eggs, there are other fun ideas for baskets, toys and miscellaneous decorations.

I gathered up some favorites that your kids will have fun with:

These Easter craft chicks by Holiday Kid Crafts are so adorable!  I especially like the one that has feathers on his body.  It makes him look more cuddly.  These are easily made with paper cups and construction paper.  Make sure to check out this tutorial!

Here is a super fun twist on egg decorating!  Lil Blue Boo shared this idea and has the link where you can get the free printables for the cute little outfits.  I'm thinking your kids are going to love this one!

I love when a craft project incorporates some recycled materials.  This Easter craft vase is made from a tin can as it's base.  It makes such a bright and cheery centerpiece to decorate your Easter table.  The easy tutorial can be found at Holiday Crafts and Creations.

What child wouldn't want to hop around in bunny ears to celebrate the holiday?  Find the quick and easy tutorial at Kaboose.

This Easter basket idea was provided by Inspiration For Home and uses dollar store gift bags and fun embellishments like candy and tissue paper to decorate them.  These are perfect to use for an Easter egg hunt.

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