Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Can Crafts For Kids

Cans, cans, and more cans!  It seems like our pantries are always full and then there is the question of what to do with all of those empty cans.

If your recycle bin is just getting too full or you are feeling a tad bit guilty just throwing them away, then why not save a few for some can crafts for your kids?

There are so many fun things to do with cans.  Not only will your kids be happy with all of the cool stuff they can make but you will feel good about giving that can a second use!

This first can craft is a pencil holder that allows your kids to be as creative as they want:

The first step is to clean the can thoroughly inside and out.  Then, let your kids paint the can, with acrylic paint, in their favorite color.  The final step is to simply decorate the can with any of their favorite trinkets.  This can has a special Detroit Tigers bracelet wrapped around the perimeter.  Kids typically collect lots of little odds and ends but don't always have a way to display them.  This is a good way to get those special treasures in eye sight.  Depending on the object, you can attach with glue, wire, decoupage or string.

Here are some other fun ideas for creative can crafts:

MINI TIN CAN DRUMS by Make and Takes:

This little drum set will have your kids banging up some fun!  Nothing is better than first designing the toy and then playing with it!

PUMPKIN CAN by Money Saving Momma:

Here's a fun one just in time for Halloween!  Kids can make their very own pumpkin easily with this craft.

ROBOT CANS by Spoonful:

Wow!  Kids will have a blast making this friendly can robots.  Each one will have it's own personality.  This is sure to keep kids busy for hours as they create, play, trade and collect.

Happy Crafting!

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