Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Kid Crafts - Costume Accessories

Kids love to play dress up making Halloween an especially fun holiday for kids of all ages. When they can take an active part in creating their own costume, the whole event becomes even more fun. Although a young child probably can not make their entire costume, they can certainly make an accessory or two.

The following Halloween kid crafts focus just on costume accessories that can be used well after the holiday for other dress up fun.

pipe cleaner crown

This pipe cleaner crown by Kiwi Crate is an easy to make accessory that just takes one item - pipe cleaners!

Ikat Bag shows how easy it is to make safe swords with empty wrapping paper cardboard tubes. If you save your tubes, you are in luck. If not, you can always use any type of cardboard, from a box, and cover that with the tin foil. Check out the sword tutorial for more ideas.

For this Halloween craft, have your kids go outside and start collecting some branches. All they need to do is decorate the branches with beads like this idea from Playful Learning or simply paint them with some glitter paint like the idea below from Kids Activity Blog.

Now for hats!

A jester hat is fun and colorful and just takes some construction paper, cutting and gluing. It's easy with this jester hat pattern.

This princess cone hat is another fun one that little girls will love. Check out the tutorial at First Palette.

A popular character to be on Halloween is either a witch or wizard, so I had to include a witches hat.

Happy Crafting!


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