Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids

What is something that everyone has in their house and can save lots and lots of?

The answer is toilet paper rolls!

Not such a big deal unless you start thinking about what you can do with those seemingly useless cardboard tubes.  There are plenty of creative craft projects that can turn that common waste item into a fun and functional toy, game or display item.

The following projects are some of the best toilet paper roll crafts for kids that I could find.  All of them will keep your kids busy and help you to recycle those rolls.

1.  Toilet Paper Roll Monsters by Club Chica Circle:

These goofy monsters don't require much more than paint or markers and of course the toilet paper rolls!

2.  Paper Tube Animals by Ziggity Zoom:

There's no end to the variety of animals that can be made using the easy tutorial provided.  All that is required are the paper tubes, an empty cereal box, glue, paint, scissors and markers.

3.  Toilet Paper Roll Caterpillar by Clickacraft:

This caterpillar is adorable and can become as long as a child wants to make it!

4.  Penguin Craft by My Happy Crafts:

These penguins are so adorable.

5.  Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo by CSI Project Kids:

If you don't mind a little noise this kazoo project would be popular with the kids!

6.  Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder by The Moffatt Girls:

Let your kids make their own bird feeders and then watch the variety of birds come in to feed.

Happy Crafting!