Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shoe Box Crafts

Kids and boxes go hand in hand.....that is why they are going to love shoe box crafts!

These sturdy boxes are great to use for dioramas, building blocks and many other great craft projects.

So....go ahead and buy more shoes because you will also be providing your kids with a great pass time...a little rationalization never hurts!

Here are some of the most creative shoe box crafts that I found:

1.  A super fun shoe box puppet stage by Coloured Buttons:

Here is a craft idea that will provide endless hours of fun.  Creating the stage is just the first part!  

2.  A miniature dollhouse by Cassandra Parkin:

A little house can be decorated in a number of ways by your budding interior designers!  It makes a nice home for small dolls or action figures.

Here is a version with a tutorial by Creative Jewish Mom:

3.  Toy computer by JGB Interiors:

Now your kids can play on their very own computer....as much as you do....with this super creative version.

4.  A shoe box wagon by Blonde Search:

I love the wagon idea - especially if it was used to travel around and pick up small toys left out!

5.  A pirates chest by Free Kids Crafts:

A pirates chest is a perfect use for an old shoe box and can be filled with all kinds of fun treasures.

6.  A shoe box tunnel by Chest Of Books:

Buying all of the different parts and accessories to an electric train set can get very expensive.  Using shoe boxes as train tunnels is a wonderful option.

7.  A functional school supply box by Projects For Preschoolers:

The separate holders for the crayons makes this box very functional and fun.

What ideas do you have for using shoe box crafts for kids?  Share your ideas below!

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