Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine Crafts For Kids

It won't be long and Valentine's Day will be here!  Most kids love to take part in this holiday and have a lot of fun making their own cards or treats to pass out to friends.

They may also enjoy creating their own decorative box for collecting valentines or for storing them at home.

You will find, here, a variety of super fun valentine crafts for kids which they can make to help celebrate the day.

1.  Cut Out Hands Valentines by Martha Stewart:

Here is a uniquely personal way to make valentine cards.  They can be decorated in a variety of different ways to add even more personalization.

2.  Fluffy Love Bugs by Examiner:

I just love these adorable little love bugs in all of their fluff!  Kids will love passing these out to friends.

3.  Melted Crayons Heart Form by Crystal & Co.:

Clean out that crayon box and use those short stubbie ones in this fun craft project.  Just melt the crayons in a heart form and you have a great gift crayon to give away with a fun message.

4.  Lollipop Flower by Jumpstart:

A lollipop flower is more fun to give than just a lollipop or just a flower!!

5.  Valentine Card Mailbox by Celebrations:

A valentine card mailbox is the perfect container for receiving all of those cards and other "mail"!  I love the monogram initial on the door of the mailbox too!


  1. Thanks for sharing our heart crayons!

  2. I have been searching for something that I can do with my girls for Valentine's Day that want take so much time. Between the both of there classes there is a total of 69 children. Lollipop flowers are the best. Such a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Team BKC-

  3. i loved the content very well presented