Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Unique Kids Crafts

Are you looking for something a little different for your kids to create?  Maybe they are getting bored with some of the more common craft projects.  Or, they are looking for something that is just plain funny!  I found several unique kids crafts that will rejuvenate their interest in crafting and bring about a little laughter at the same time.

Here are the top five:

1.  Tube Sock Snowmen by North Texas Kids:

How often do you find a single sock coming out of the dryer without its mate ever to be found?  Well now you can save those mismatched socks for a fun craft project like this.  Tube socks make up the body of these snowmen and they are clothed with the more decorative and colorful assortment of socks!

2.  Hand Art by Hope And Honey:

You may be pretty familiar with kids hand art that is typically made as a gift for mother's day.  It is common to see a child's hand prints that have been dipped in paint.  However, this project is unique in that the hands are traced a colorful paper and then glued to a decorative wood slab.

3.  Bubble Wrap Crocodiles by Positively Splendid:

These super cute crocs are made up of bubble wrap and card board.  So...just save your packaging whenever you receive a shipment and you will have the majority of supplies needed for this fun craft project!

4.  Litter Bug by Free Kids Crafts:

This unique craft project is literally made up of trash!  Kids will have a riot making up their own version of litter bugs with whatever they have on hand.

5.  Painted Rock Paper Weights by Taking Time For Mommy:

Here is an easy idea to throw at them in a pinch - no don't throw the rocks just the idea!!  Let them decorate smooth rocks with paint and other embellishments to use as a fun paper weight.

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