Sunday, October 14, 2012

Craft Ideas For Girls

I wanted to write a post that is dedicated just to girls.  Quite often there are instances that you have a group of girls together and need a fun craft idea.  Whether it be a girls scouts group, church, camp or just a sleep over party, I found some fun craft ideas for girls that will certainly keep them busy.

Most girls like things with bling!  So, I am going to start with the girly girl type of crafts.

1.  Decorated Flip Flops Craft by Frugal Girls.

This idea comes from a sleepover party idea from Frugal Girls.  Flip Flops are super inexpensive to buy especially if you can pick them up from a dollar store.  Blinging them out with fluffy tulle and ribbon is a fun project plus the girls can wear their project when they are through.

2.  Fancy Feather Hair Accessory by Tutu Zone.

I have seen my nieces wearing feathers in their hair several times.  Girls would have fun customizing their very own hair accessory with colored feathers and an assortment of beads.  The step by step instructions for this craft are very easy to follow.

3.  Flower Magnets by M&M Chocolate Candy Fun House.

These are a cute and easy craft.  The woodsie flower shapes can be purchased at a craft store like Michaels.  Then just have your girls decorate them with craft paper or paint and any other fun embellishments that you have on hand.  Finally, stick a magnet on the back and you are done.  This was just one of the fun ideas provided by M&M for girls camp craft ideas.

4.  Button Bracelets by A Dusty Frame.

Any girl would love making a fun button bracelet.  With the wide variety of buttons available, girls can customize their style and colors.  Fun and not too blingy!

5.  Pom-Pom Pens by Sew Sara.

And finally, a super fun craft to make writing a pleasure....maybe even homework!


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