Monday, August 20, 2012

Craft Party Idea

It is always fun to get a group of kids together for a party.  Coming up with a theme can sometimes be difficult, however.  So....why not get kids doing what they love best and throw a craft party!

I have a craft party idea that is both fun and memorable.

1.  Send Out Invitations - Have your child create the invitations themselves, which goes right along with the crafty theme.

2.  Party Time!:

  • Start the party with some tasty treats and fun games and take lots of pictures.
  • Get the kids started with their craft project....which is....a memory photo flower pot or potted tree.
Here is what the finished project will look like:


And, the supplies that are needed:


  • small tin buckets or little flower pots
  • birch or other branches
  • craft sand in a fun color
  • construction paper
  • leaf picks
  • glue sticks
  • scissors
  • stencils (optional)
Craft Instructions:

1.  Cut two flower or tree shapes out of the construction paper.  Kids can either draw their shapes free hand and then cut out or use stencils.

2.  Glue the two shapes together with the branch in between.  The branch will act as the stem for the floral or trunk for the tree.

****While the kids are working on these first two steps, print off pictures that you had taken earlier from the   fun and games time of the party.  

3.  Let the kids pick a couple of their favorite pictures from the party for keepsakes and to use in their craft project.  

4.  Have them cut out the pictures to fit on their flower or tree - they should have one picture for each side and maybe two flowers for each bucket.

5.  Fill the buckets about 3/4 full with craft sand.

6.  Insert the finished flowers and a leaf pick.

The party is now over and they have a great craft project to bring home to always remember the event!

Happy Partying!

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